In Search of Lost Tim

“I love Lost Tim…the story is masterful.” – William Shaw, author of The Birdwatcher

“multimedia novella In Search of Lost Tim uses fictitious blogs and YouTube videos to tell the story of a blogger who is contacted by a boy who claims he lives in the 1960s and is communicating via his “Futurizer”.
Young Tim is trying to contact his future self, the political activist and secret agent Lord Tim. It’s a jeux d’esprit, but also, just possibly, the future of fiction.”
                                                                   – Suzy Feay, The Independent on Sunday 

Chris Meade, In search of Lost Tim from alldaybreakfast on Vimeo.

AND NOW you can read a magazine-style version of ‘IN SEARCH OF LOST TIM’ free on Issuu. Limited edition print version coming soon!